Commercial Builders – We Deliver on Promises

As a trusted Melbourne commercial builder, when you team up with Harris HMC we will work to understand your requirements in fine detail and structure our services to best suit your desired outcomes.

We are a construction company that implements innovative systems, plan methodically, resource carefully and seek an all rounded understanding of every project we undertake – and that’s even before we get started.

Construction projects make up 50% of our business. Our high-calibre construction team approach our projects with the added benefit of our heritage expertise, resulting in an efficient and streamlined build process.

We’re often appointed early in the planning stages to assist with budgeting and building design. This is where projects are most successful. We add value through design and value management, and work to minimise risk through construction techniques and sequencing. When it comes time to build, we are ready to hit the ground running.

Looking for Trustworthy Melbourne Construction Companies?

We offer a range of construction solutions which can be tailored to suit specific project requirements.