Uganda Hand Tool Drive

18 July, 2015

Harris HMC are supporters of our wider community.


In 2012 Harris HMC took part in raising funds for the Watoto Charity in Uganda through the group, Musaale (the local dialect for friend). Our donation went towards:

  • Building a residence for 8 homeless children in Gulu
  • Providing 20 treadle sewing machines to double the sewing class numbers in the village of Buwagogo
  • The installation of a water tank, septic system and facilities to ultimately set up a medical clinic.


The little community of Buwagogo, about one and a quarter hour’s drive from Mbale is fairly typical of communities across Uganda. Many children are without a mum and dad, (due to the AIDS virus) there is no proper medical care, other than the local witch doctor, school is a privilege (once females reach puberty they are unlikely to continue at school due to the embarrassment they experience during their menstrual cycle) and despite the fertile soil, food is not plentiful. It is not unusual to see a child sucking on sugar cane just to relieve their hunger pains. Children and adults alike suffer and sometimes die from diseases that are easily treated such as diarrhoea, malaria, and a parasite called “Jiggers” which causes immense pain.

Over the years and as a result of people’s generosity, Musaale have been able to purchase 40 pedal sewing machines for the community centre, provide sewing kits to the women in the village and teach them to sew.  To see the change that this small thing has made to the self -worth and confidence of these women has to be seen to be believed. Giving them a purpose and source of income has changed their lives.


Our goal now is to provide the men of the village with a similar opportunity. During Musaale’s most recent trip to Uganda in 2014 they built a structure which they hope will become a workshop for the men. Similar to the sewing program, this space will become a place for the men to congregate socialise and learn some new skills.

The plan is to fill a shipping container with tools and equipment that can be used in the work shop. As a consequence we are seeking donations of wood working tools, new or used (in working order) that will assist in making this goal a reality. Musaale is planning another trip to Uganda late this year with some skilled trades people to teach the locals some craft skills that will allow production of items for the local markets or items for every-day use.

100% of all donations will go to the work Musaale undertake in Uganda. All volunteers are self-funded and are of the view that donating their own time, skills, money and energy is prerequisite to being involved.


Harris HMC will be conducting a Hand Tool Drive in the coming months to help with this initiative.

As electricity in the area is either not available or unreliable, hand tools are the best and safest option to teach the locals some craft skills that will allow production of items for the local markets or items for every-day use.

We will not be raising money, but asking people to donate old hand tools they no longer use. This may be a good opportunity to clean out the garage!

We will be providing further information about this in the coming weeks and we look forward to hearing any ideas about how we can make a further difference to the lives of people in Uganda.

Please email to get involved in this initiative.