Tanderrum Bridge, Margaret Court Arena Undercroft & Amenities (JV)


Sector: Commercial, Government

Address: Melbourne Park

Client: Fitzgerald Constructions Australia / Major Project Victoria

Final($): 6.2m

Contract Type: Joint Venture

Duration: February – November 2016

Architect: John Wardle Architects

The project involves construction of new pedestrian bridge from Birrarung Marr Park across Batman Avenue into the Margaret Court Arena precinct and associated works.

Harris HMC are working in a JV partnership with Fitzgeralds, and our part of this project is to construct the extension to the Margaret Court Arena undercroft consisting of:

  • New Tennis Australia administration building.
  • Service stores for grounds keepers.
  • Air-conditioned undercroft carparking which doubles as media space offices during the Australian Open tennis (Australian Open mode AC system).
  • The concrete roof of the extension is a paved terrace that the Batman Ave bridge runs in to for access in to the tennis centre from Birrarung Marr park
  • The undercroft extension is generally hidden bunker like behind the ‘berm’ embankment rising from ground level to the roof terrace in the Margaret Court Arena grounds.